7 Outfit Ideas You Are Sure To Look More Attractive and Stylish Today

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7 Outfits Sure To Make You Look More Attractive and Stylish Today

  1. Watch + Bracelet Stack

One of the top trends in the past few years, the perfect bracelet stack paired with a watch will instantly set you apart as a man with swagger with unique style. The best part about this is that it’s nearly impossible to go wrong when stacking bracelets. Here’s a suggestion, try mixing bracelets made up of different materials that fall within a matching color scheme to the rest of your outfit. For example, a leather band bracelet paired with two woven pieces one red and the other a matching shade of green or beige.

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  1. Bottoned Down Collared Shirt, Chinos, and Low Top Casual Fashion Boots or casual fashion shoe

You’ve no doubt seen this outfit rocked with pride by celebrities, athletes, and everyday stylish gents. This is a go to that you can base a whole closet around when it comes to casual fashion. Pick a solid neutral color like blue, grey, or white that fits well to begin with. Pair this with matching chinos and a casual fashion shoe such as oxfords and you’ll be photoshoot ready even in your everyday wear.

White button down With Chinos and Belt

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Navy Blue Casual Button Down with brown belt and chinos

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  1. Chelsea boots, Bomber Jacket, Fitted Tee, Jeans or Chinos

This casually sophisticated outfit is perfect for everyday wear. A bomber jacket paired with a fitted T-shirt is a good basic combination when you’re strapped for time. You could also wear a scarf to really make this outfit stand out. Complete the look with some chino pants (or nice trim jeans for a more casual look) and of course a pair of fashionable boots such as Chelsea boots or fashion boots.


Burgundy Bomber Jacket Jeans and casual fashion boots

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  1. Cardigan or sweater, scarf, bracelet stack, jeans or chinos, fashion boots

For a more sophisticated look a cardigan or sweater are go to’s in any cultured gentleman outfit. Pair that with some nice trim fit jeans or chinos and finish it with your favorite fashion boots. (As you see fashion boots can be one of your most classic and versatile investments) A bracelet stack can add more uniqueness and make the look more casual.

Trench Coat with scarf, sweater, and chinos

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  1. Tailored Fit Long Sleeve Henley, Fitted Jeans, Leather or Bomber Jacket, Rugged Boots

Henley’s are perfect when you’re going for a more Hollywood look. They’re simple and yet stylish with their various designs. Add a bomber jacket for a great layering combo and some edgy fashion boots to really bring the look together. To top it all off add a scarf or other accessory to really make this outfit your own.

Long sleeve Henley with jeans and fashion boots

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Or Add A Leather Jacket For More Edge…

Leather Jacket with blue jeans and fashion boots

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  1. Sweater, blazer, jean, oxfords

This casual yet classy outfit will allow you to go about your day comfortable while sporting a more mature look. To really bring this outfit together add an elegant sports watch and perhaps a briefcase or business handbag.

Blazer with striped sweater and jeans

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Trench Coat, Sweater + Collared Shirt Combo, Chinos, and Chelsea Boots

This outfit takes a more high-end fashion approach to everyday streetwear. Start with simple shades of browns, blues, and whites. This outfit will have you ready to go out for drinks or making a great first impression for that first date. Really make it your own with your favorite watch + bracelet combo. Try this outfit today!

Trench Coat with sweater and collared shirt and chinos

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 Long Fit Street Fashion Tee, ripped jeans, and fashion sneakers

The latest streetwear trend, the long fit fashion tee can be seen on the like of Kanye West and your favorite fitness youtuber as well. This outfit is simple and edgy and allows you the freedom to make it your own by pairing it with a unique bracelet stack or layered necklace combination.

 Long fit streetwear tee with ripped jeans and high tops sneakers

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