What We Stand For

Our Mission Statement

“Our Mission Is To Seek, Create, and Design Fashion and Lifestyle Essentials That Allow Artists To Express Themselves With Pride and With Style”

EQcreative Plus is a modern day Renaissance lifestyle brand with creativity themed streetwear fashion, accessories, and lifestyle essentials for the passionate artist.

As you look around, you'll notice that artists aren’t represented with enough conviction and authenticity.

Their art is taken for granted seen as a simple commodity.

Fashion has a way of displaying a vivid and clear message instantly.

Pay attention and you'll notice that every artist has their own unique sense of fashion.

They are artists and trendsetters. They travel the world and are inspired by their experiences.

"The EQcreative Plus Lifestyle is One Full of Music, Photography, Painting, Travel, and Fashion."

With a fashion brand dedicated to the arts we hope to spread the message that creativity is a gift and an earned talent.

The arts are to be worn with pride and to set the tone for fellow creatives to embrace their passion for their craft despite outside influences.

Let’s move together and wear our art with confidence and style..

Every Creative has their Fashion..

"This One’s To The Artists and The Trendsetters"
- EQcreative Plus