EQ Stoner “High” Fashion

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EQ Stoner “High” Fashion

High 420 Fashion for stoners

EQ Stoner “High” Fashion

"With the legalization of cannabis growing, advocates and users alike are feeling more comfortable expressing their love for the plant. The most popular way to express yourself in today’s society is mainly fashion and style. Leading people to what I like to call “high fashion”."

The Best Stoner Clothing Items of 2018

Leaving behind the baggy shirts and jeans cannabis lovers are finding new, fun, and even professional ways to express their love for Mary Jane. People from all different walks are coming up with creative and sometimes even discrete outfits that show they smoke or in some way intake cannabis.


Digging beyond the stereotypical wear (baggy tie-dye t-shirts and ripped jeans), smokers have found affordable to even luxury brands that complement their lifestyle. Online, popular stores such as Zumiez or Dolls Kill are typically sought out when looking for general pro cannabis apparel. Even places like Forever 21 fit into the new wave of young and even older stoners.


There are also a few different kind of stoners that lead to different kinds of high fashion. With festival season being a high selling season for smoker looks, brands have learned to give their apparel a competitive trendy edge. Glittery girls cover Instagram feeds, with butts out and pasties on. While on the other end of the spectrum you have a CEO of a company that has a small cannabis leaf on the cuffs of his sleeves.



High fashion cannabis leaf

You also have the hippie who loves flowing dresses and gladiator sandals. Or the skater, who loves stores like Journeys for the Vans and Converse.Top alternative smoker style typically has been constructed as a relaxed grungy design. However, A new wave smokers & fashion innovators find intriguing and vast with opportunities. Its not just the clothing and the shoes that get these smokers, especially women, excited about this “high fashion”. Accessories are a big deal especially when talking about earrings and necklaces, that seem to be the most popular to express the love of cannabis for women. And you can be bold or discrete depending on your personality.


Some people even though they strongly agree with the use of cannabis, they don’t want to express it outwardly in the way they dress. These types of advocates are called the conservatives, people who don’t want to seem immature or foolish by expressing themselves in that manor only because of what it has represented in the past.

Weed style stoner outfits 2018 No matter what kind of stoner, or advocate you are, fashion is still important to all of us. So 
choose your accessories and clothes wisely and if you feel like you have to hide the fact you love cannabis, hide no longer, it is a new day and age and “high fashion” is taking over. Allowing those who wish to express their love for such an amazing plant and lifestyle.