Stoner Lifestyle Tips

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Stoner Lifestyle Tips

lifestyle tips and good habits for productive stoners

Stoner Lifestyle Tips

When you think of “stoner lifestyle tips”, I’m sure you think I am going to write to you about how to pack a bowl, or hit a bong. WRONG. As cannabis is becoming more and more mainstream, the 'stoner' stereotype continues to alter. Hopefully, it will fade away altogether eventually. Professionals, parents, and senior citizens admit to frequent or even daily cannabis use and the physical, emotional, and mental benefits they receive. Many of them are trying to distant themselves from using the term “stoner”. Many people see 'stoners' or cannabis users as lazy, and unsuccessful. Society believes we, “stoners”, are incapable of providing anything useful to the community because of our intake of cannabis, which couldn’t be more false. 

You might be wondering; where does this stoner stereotype come from? We could cast the blame upon television, movies, or newspapers where stoners are portrayed as a lazy with poor posture and only wear tie-dye shirts. We need to still maintain our life-goals and daily motivation as well as enjoying the simple pleasures of cannabis smoking. What can we do differently to look better in the eyes of society? Here are a few tips on being a better “stoner”:

Stoner Chic

Become An Advocate

Are you a spirited cannabis user as well as a supporter? Then advocate. Be proud of your lifestyle. It is really not all that different from vegans preaching about the benefits of their diet and how we should become vegan too. Search for the positive changes that cannabis provided you and embrace them. Speak about your personal experiences and how cannabis has benefited you and how it can benefit others as well. I understand the dilemma for some who live in a state where it is still illegal through and through. However, you can still spread the word, just be careful and aware of who you’re telling.

Don’t Abuse The Herb

Educate yourself about the effect of cannabis and how it may influence your health in a positive or negative way. Be mindful of your consumption, why, where, when and how often do you consume the herb. Getting high is fun, but it’s a lifestyle you need to be able to express and embrace in a sophisticated and educated way.

Stoner lifestyle tips

  • Be Discrete. Be Considerate. Be Responsible.

  • Here is surprising news: not everyone loves the smell of cannabis. Make sure you spray yourself before the uber. If you’re smoking in public make sure that no one has to unwillingly inhale second-hand smoke. Celebrities and social media figures who find the need to hot-box public bathrooms or walk around the supermarkets smoking are the worst representation of cannabis enthusiasts. They are legalizations faux friends that encourage people to view cannabis users as inconsiderate and careless degenerates. Which most of us are definitely not.

  • Be An Example To Your Fellow “Stoners”

  • It would be sad if your only argument is that ‘many successful people smoke/smoked pot’ and yet, you spend all of your day getting high, watching tv, and daydreaming. Don’t let smoking cannabis deplete your motivation to be productive and responsible. Have life-goals and fulfill your highest potential in life, all while smoking cannabis. Any experience is a great on when you smoke cannabis, so try to enjoy them all without falling behind in life.