The Top Guide On How Men Can Properly Stack Bracelets For Their Look

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How Men Can Properly Stack Bracelets For Their Look


Nothing makes an outfit more unique than stacking your own blend of unique bracelets and a watch to match. But what if I look too try hard? Remember trendsetting style is created when someone breaks he rules and looks great doing it.


Here are a few tricks to fall back on as you find your own way to express your personality and mood in your next outfit..


Mix Materials:

Don’t be afraid to mix and match a leather band with a woven bracelet or some other wrist candy. Just make sure to keep the size and bulkiness of the accessories in mind as you pair together. When it comes to bracelets there really is no way you can go wrong.

In fact, the best way to get started is to stack two or three bead bracelets with your favorite watch for an attention-grabbing combination.

Once you’re comfortable with that you can move on to pairing leather cuffs with string bracelets and topping it off with a metallic anchor bracelet (Ex. A golden bronze metallic piece with red string bracelet with a leather piece with medium thickness added in between)


Pick A Theme:

While there is so much freedom in choice when it comes to stacking bracelets, you obviously don’t want to just slap every bracelet you own on each wrist.

Pick a theme to how you stack your accessories much like you’d pick the other pieces in your outfit. So whether your style is more Street Fashion, Cultured Gentleman, or Runway Chic the theme of your bracelet stack should match that of your overall look. Your bracelet stack should add to and mesh with the overall flow of your outfit. This is the best guideline when it comes to the final judgement and how far you should take your stack.

Simply ask the question “Does this stack make sense with my overall look?” 


Pair With Your Other Accessories:

The possibilities really are endless aren’t they?

The bracelet stack watch combo can be as classic, edgy, and unique as you want it to be. Adding a timepiece adds an extra layer and texture to your wrist game. Done right you won’t have to worry about looking like you’re wearing a sleeve of armor.


At the end of the day just look at yourself in a full length mirror and ask..

Does This Make Sense With The Style I’m Wearing?

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