"Lucid" T-shirt of The Month Club

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"Lucid" T-shirt of The Month Club

Here's a fact..

There is a huge community of people just like you who love to collect t shirts. Each person looking for a look and a feel to match every occasion. 

And who really wants to be the one with the one caught with same shirt as someone else? Imagine that, running into someone else with the exact same shirt as you.. That awkward feeling as you both realize what just happened..


Maybe you make a joke of it, even take a quick picture. Or you simply avoid eye contact and hope no one notices that both of you couldn't find something different to wear.


Let's not go through that. You should be able to go out with confidence proud of what you're wearing knowing that you'll stand out.

So after getting great feedback from fans, I came up with an idea..

How cool would it be to have unique and exclusive designs brought to you?


How easy would it be to simply subscribe and relax knowing that you have an eye catching t shirt coming your way every month automatically!

Don't you wish more of your everyday life could just run itself?


Now you can enjoy the convenience of a subscription and the luxury of a having a designer personally ship unique shirts to your door step!

Why not save time and let the shop come to you?

You can be certain that each design is unique, eye catching, and made with the same passion as an innovative work of art. That way you'll be able put together an outfit that resonates with you and wear it proudly.

And not only that Shipping is FREE!
Trust that every tee is made using a soft, durable cotton, and a comfortable fit in mind.

And not only that, each month you can look forward to an addition gift with each shirt!


wooden beaded bracelet best tshirt of the month club  

And because I want you to enjoy your experience each time I've made an effort to customize everything. You'll even notice that your bag is sealed with a "Lucid Angel" label. 


This way, you'll still be able to are use your bag after opening. You could use your bag over and over for travel and easy storage.


lucid t shirt of the month label
Lucid label for lucid tee of the month club


See You On The Other Side!


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How much is shipping?

  • Shipping is free

When will I be charged?

  • You will be charge on the 14th of each month

Will I still be charged if I cancel?

  • Simply send us an email and we will cancel your subscription for you. You will not be charged starting the next month after.

Can I pause my subscription?

  • No problem just send us an email and we will pause your subscription until you’re ready

 * Please place your order the first week of the month in order to receive it the same month.